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Why Feel?

The case for mindfulness, vulnerability, and self-reflection.

As a society, we've been conditioned to put up walls and be uncomfortable with vulnerability, being judged for speaking our truth or feeling ashamed for showing emotion.

More often than not, this conditioning makes us hide from vulnerability within ourselves too, resulting in maladaptive coping mechanisms in the form of avoidance or numbing. Mindlessly watching countless episodes, scrolling through social media, or forcing yourself to stop crying because you don't have the time? Me too.

If you've watched Brené Brown's famous TED Talk though, you know already that vulnerability = strength. That is why it is important, and better now than later, to begin embodying your emotions, sharing your truth, and developing self-reflective habitsThe long-term result? You get to know yourself better, and take care of yourself better. A healthy and happy you starts from within, and it's the gift that keeps on giving; once you fill your own cup, you can help fill others' too.

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I offer customized services for individuals and groups to facilitate one-time or continuing mindfulness sessions and workshops, priced on a sliding scale (pay-what-you-can) model. I have provided services to corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals, which have included (but are not limited to) the following components: 

  • Sharing & Holding Space: allows participants to feel heard, seen, and validated

  • Live Journaling & Structured At-Home Prompts: encourages the development of self-reflection practices

  • Meditation & Grounding: offered at differing lengths, this provides guidance to help individuals become in-tune to their minds, hearts, and bodies

If you think I'd be a good fit for what you're looking for, please contact me with any relevant information and questions, and we'll chat!

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*Please note: I am not trained in a mental health , psychology or medical capacity, but am just sharing parts of my yoga training and practice that I have personally experienced and benefited from. 

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