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Easy-Prep Veggie Bowls

When I'm in school or going to work, more often than not, I end up bringing this bowl for lunch. It's super easy to whip together the morning-of, it's nutrient-packed, and it's a lot more satisfying than a regular salad.

The best part is how customizable you can make it. The only parts you need to make ahead of time is your source of protein (usually tofu for me), your source of 'filler' (usually sweet potato for me), and your base (quinoa is my go-to). Depending on what you choose, you could omit these steps as well. Here are a few more looks:

YOU'LL NEED (adjust quantity based on how many servings you're prepping for)

Choose one or more out of each section, or get creative! Think burrito bowls.

  • BASE: Cooked quinoa, cooked brown rice, cauliflower rice

  • BED OF GREENS: Kale, spinach, any salad mix

  • FILLER: Roasted sweet potato chunks, sliced avocado (anything to add more creaminess)

  • ADD-INS: Chopped cucumber, tomato, cooked beets

  • PROTEIN: Crispy tofu pieces, chickpeas, black beans

  • SAUCE: Hummus, tahini, olive oil, sesame oil, wedge of lemon/lime

  • SPRINKLE ON TOP: Nuts/seeds, dried fruit, seasoning (I like cayenne pepper), salt & pepper


  1. This one's pretty straight forward. Assemble all your ingredients in the order listed.

  2. Serve cold OR

  3. Warm it up! Depending on what I'm using or how I'm feeling, I'll warm everything up in the microwave for 45-60 seconds. The oil ends up quickly cooking the kale (did someone say lazy cooking hack??), so this is especially nice if you don't massage full-grown kale like me. I probably wouldn't warm up mixed salad greens. This also makes it easier to mash the avocado and sweet potato, creating a creamy texture. My favourite oil to do this with is sesame oil!



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